this will be the final touch and in many cases the most obvious of remodelling. In fact, in many remodels the furniture is practically all the renovation and the civil work is limited to repairing and painting walls or changing carpets. That's why the attention we pay to furniture is so special.

Furniture distribution is a particularly powerful tool for achieving the organization's objectives regarding the interaction and communication of its components. Each organisation, whatever its type, has different hierarchical structures, requiring more or less frequent communication between its members in different channels and with different levels of formality. A proper distribution and selection of furniture strengthens the organizational structure and enhances the company's communication styles.

The distance between staff members, the type or absence of divisions, the number of facilities for formal meetings, or those for informal work meetings are variables that can be controlled by selecting furniture.

Another very important factor in furniture selection has to do with ergonomics. When furniture is adapted to the work that each person does, it simultaneously promotes company productivity and improves the quality of life of staff.

Ergonomics have become a factor that companies must pay particular attention to.

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