When you have to choose an office chair, the first thing you have to think about is what you want it for. It's different to buy a desk chair in your own home, where you does not work regularly, a if you are self-employed and most of the day you will be sitting in your chair in front of your office computer. Nor is it the same if you are looking for a chair for people who work in your company and may not treat them as carefully as you would, or if the chairs are destined for a call center where the poor have no rest and change hands every shift.

Depending on the time and intensity of use, you may need to purchase a different office chair. If your daughter needs a chair for her study, an Ikea office chair, very inexpensive, a youth chair, maybe even a smaller chair to make her more comfortable and take up less space. If you buy the chair for your home, and like the first example I gave, you don't work at home and just use it to look at mail, kids' homework and something else, spend a few hours a day sitting on it, because a chair from a department store is also good.

Things change if what you're looking for is a chair to spend eight hours working on or you need it for your company where it will be used by one or several people. In such cases, it is advisable to use companies that specialize in office furniture because they will offer you chairs for heavy use.

In general, an office chair for intensive use uses a more dense and somewhat harder foam rubber seat, backs with more firm or adjustable lumbar supports; instead of simple axes to rotate the seat, they have synchronous mechanisms that allow modifying the position of the seat and the back in a harmonious way and that takes better care of the user's health and are generally more robust.

Now, when you are going to select an ergonomic chair, you should first estimate the time it will take, the number of hours a day or if it will be used by more than one person and from there you can judge whether to buy it on Amazon, a general furniture store or an office furniture specialist. They do not compete with each other since the chairs that we could call "for the home" are always cheaper and fulfill an acceptable function in their field, while those for professional use guarantee greater durability and take better care of the health of the user who spends a lot of time sitting.

Another factor of no less importance is the size of the chair and the user. The person who writes to you is rather short; at 1.68 not all the chairs on the market are suitable for me. And if I was six feet, they wouldn't be either.

There are countless office chair models on the market that are designed to be used by users of a wide range of heights and that generally, more or less, fit almost everyone; but if you understand that it is somewhat lower or higher - or heavier - than average, check in some way if the chair model you like suits you well and will be a good investment.

This is an image we took from an ergonomics page where you can see how you should adjust your chair and what position your body should take so that your health does not suffer.

Postura correcta de trabajo en silla de oficina

There are accessories that you can request to be fitted to your ergonomic chair: armrests, head restraints, cyclo-displacement systems that allow the seat to slide back and forth or rubber wheels to make the chair move better on the floor. You'll find plenty of options for a very comfortable office chair.

It's good to know that there's no reason why a good ergonomic chair can't be a good-priced office chair, but if you see that they're offering you a very cheap office chair, maybe you should find out a little more about what they're selling you.

There's one factor that may sound a little trivial but for some organizations it's very important. The chair is a kind of identifier. In many companies the chair is an indicator of the status, experience or authority of its user; the headrest or natural leather upholstery on steering chairs is widely used to make its position clear. On the other hand, there are very horizontal organizations that prefer to "uniform the offices" with a single chair model that they use from the intern to the general manager. You decide.

Finally, I would recommend that you seek advice from someone who knows the products of one or more companies. It is good to have several points of view and to consider various factors before making an investment.

Finally, I would like to put at your disposal the links where you can see various models of ergonomic chairs that may be of interest to you. Ergonomic chairs

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