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Modular office dividers. Muebles de oficina with a frame consisting of an aluminium grey lacquered sheet metal structure.

The frame of these office screens consists of two vertical lengths and two horizontal cross-sections made of 12/10 thickness carbon steel sheet. The lengths and cross-sections are joined by metal squares and self-winding screws.

The frame is reinforced by a central cross-section made of aluminium extrusion 60x20mm .

The frame is lined on both sides by bilaminated board, glass or upholstered.

Glass: from 768mm. height and 65mm. of thickness. Composed of two 4 mm tempered glass sheets. of thickness each, transparent. The glass is covered by an aluminum profile lacquered in aluminum grey, which allows the hook to the existing groove in the biombo structure.

Melamine: Composed of two sheets of 10 mm bilaminate. you can choose from all our designs. These panels carry drills that allow the placement of cylindrical plastic parts of easy assembly and disassembly ((via CLICK) to the existing groove in the biombo structure. The boards are supported by straight 1.2mm PVC boards. of a thickness applied with a heat fuse tail (100% recyclable) with all edges rounded with a radius of 2 mm.

Upholstery: The front panels are upholstered with M1 fireproof upholstery of the customer's choice.

In the case of curved module office blinds, they are coated with 10 mm methacrylate.

The leveling of office screens is carried out by means of two leveling feet which are inserted into each pressure frame. They allow 20mm leveling.

All biombs have upper and side embellishments made of 82 mm extrusion aluminium profile. width by 28 mm. up high. Finished aluminum epoxy paint.

It allows different combinations:

Online unions

90° junctions of two, three and four tracks.

Connections at an angle of 120o

All 90° or 120° joints are made by means of easy-to-assemble posts which allow a rigid and stable assembly. These posts are made of aluminium extrusion profile of 82mm.x82mm. and six feet tall. of height. Finished in aluminum epoxy paint.

The in-line joints between the screen and the screen or between the screen and the 90° or 120° posts are made by means of three hinged metal couplings. These parts are inserted into the holes of each frame and fixed to each other by metric screws to ensure a perfect connection and alignment of the structure.

All modular office blinds incorporate two metal sockets (one on each side) made of 2 mm steel sheet. of a thickness and finish in aluminium epoxy paint. The sockets are mounted at the bottom of the frame and are 10cm long. of height.

All sockets may have a hole with a black plastic pass-through cap or beautifier to allow the entry and exit of cables (on either side)

These accessories allow its total electrification, through conduits in its inner and lower part for the correct conduction of cables, in addition to the passable covers incorporated in the sockets. If necessary, any pass-through covers deemed appropriate by the owner may be added to the panels or sockets.

To achieve good stability, office biombs incorporate two extra-flat metal legs, with the possibility of mounting them inward to avoid possible tripping or outward. These legs are made of 8mm steel plate. of a thickness and finish in aluminium epoxy paint.

The legs allow placement, both in the terminal parts of the biombs, and in the intermediate parts or biomb joints. This ensures greater stability for inline combinations.

The embellishments are mounted under pressure and close the entire perimeter of the structure giving the whole a harmonious appearance. The joints of these embellishments are made using ABS parts finished aluminum.

All office screen bulkheads offer a smooth and soft to the touch finish with all edges and edges rounded and no protruding parts to prevent damage or injury to users or tearing in clothing.

From the outset, the ISMOBEL GROUP has been guided by the following principles. IT'S A DESIGN. We use design as the backbone of all our projects. INNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENT. We reinvest up to 6% of our turnover into R&D. MANUFACTURE. We have more than 25,000 square meters for manufacturing and storage. All with the latest technology in the sector. We also have our own warehouses throughout Spain. THE ENVIRONMENT. We have a sustainability policy whereby we generate clean energy and avoid polluting most of our manufacturing. IT IS ALSO IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT THE. From our beginnings we have been aware that we must expand our sales worldwide. We currently sell in over 25 countries and continue to grow and learn every day.

The objective of the ISMOBEL GROUP is the manufacture and marketing of office furniture and chairs, devoting the same passion and dedication as in its origins, with the aim of maintaining the brand as a reference of the national and international market

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