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In Officinca we take care of every detail. We know how important not only the functional aspect is but also the aesthetic one. That's why we have different furniture lines ideal for giving elegance and class to your working environment. This will make it very easy for you to harmonize and continue your decoration. Also, you should know that we only trust top brands in the industry like Activate, form five, Euromof, Ofitres, Gapsa, Ismobel and Emobok. What. In this section you will find everything about the main furniture combinations we handle on our website. Don't miss it!


Types of furniture lines

In Officinca we manage an endless collection of office furniture. What. Although each one offers something different in aesthetics, all have the quality and know-how of great manufacturers. So any one of them is a great option to be able to decorate the office with taste and class. Whether you want something more classic or you prefer modern and avant-garde lines, here you will find something that will convince you.

  • The Volga Line: Composed of clean, sharp-looking lines and the contrast between the materials of the structure and the surfaces.
  • Senda Line: Robust and modern in equal parts where you also play with the contrast of materials.
  • Hill Line: It offers simple lines with a strong focus on wood.
  • Line Loma: Sober and defined appearance.
  • Euro line: It is a very heterogeneous group composed of office furniture of different finishes, materials and shapes.
  • IPOP line: It stands out for its simple, clean and modern lines.
  • New Pano Line: Ideal for lovers of the classic, solid look.
  • Mayan Line: A vibrant ensemble with its own identity.
  • Ceres Line: Focus on ergonomics and functionality.
  • Pyramid Line: Modernity and triangles as signs of identity.
  • Premier LineIt's classic and very elegant.
  • Oxygen lineExclusivity, strength and elegance.
  • Extreme line: Modern furniture where simplicity prevails.
  • Line Nova Plus: It is characterized by its appearance of straight and pure lines.
  • Line OPOP: A range with lots of style and personality.

Why shop in Officinca?

Officinca has everything to make it easy for you to trust us:

  • We own one very interesting variety of products, the vast majority customizable to their needs. In addition, we are committed to quality and Spanish manufacturers.
  • We are characterised by providing a excellent customer service. What. We put all our knowledge and experience to work with you every step of the way.
  • We are firmly committed to the security and data protection. What. Do not doubt that our website is 100% reliable in all transactions.
  • Another of our advantages is the prices so low that we offer. You will find it incredible to acquire furniture from Activated and other top brands for so little.
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