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Office chairs equipped with all the necessary mechanisms to adapt them to you, advanced ergonomics that guarantee your comfort and your health. Ergonomic office chairs are the most technologically advanced office chairs and with greater versatility of adjustments, always aimed at improving our productivity and our health. They usually promote a good back position, are adjustable, with lumbar and head support.

Within this catalogue of Ergonomic chairs you will have access to office chairs, operating chairs, home desk chairs, ergonomic driving chairs. Some of the models are ideal for call centers, designed to withstand the harsh treatment of multiple work shifts.

The ergonomics it is a key aspect within an office to ensure safety and health of employees in their jobs. Hence the importance of choosing furniture that contributes to this purpose. Fortunately, Officinca is on your side to improve the well-being and performance of individuals by minimizing the risks of work-related injuries and illnesses. We invite you to discover our entire catalogue of ergonomic seats in this section.

Types of ergonomic chairs

When designing work environments, it is necessary to take into account specific criteria as regards: safety, efficiency and comfort. What. The health in the office it's something that goes from the furniture itself to how it's distributed in space.

As far as furniture is concerned, perhaps one of the most important pieces chairs, they are where the worker's body rests completely. This is why it is essential to have ergonomic seats that promote comfort, prevent injury, improve productivity and allow full adaptation to changing conditions office desks. What. There is no doubt that investing in a ergonomic chair demonstrates a commitment to the health and wellbeing of employees, which can have a positive impact on the working environment and the quality of work performed.

What types of ergonomic chairs can you find in Officinca? As you know, we have a wide range of products to fully meet your needs. In this section you will find chairs with different characteristics, but with the common objective of promoting health at work.

  • Support height: This piece influences posture and back support. The backrest should provide proper lumbar and mid and upper back support. In addition, it is advisable to have height adjustment options to be able to adapt to the physical characteristics of each individual. Also, some chairs allow adjusting the angle of inclination of the backrest. This can be beneficial for resting the spine and relieving pressure on the back during prolonged periods of work.
  • Rest your arms: Arm rests are another element that will influence the user's experience when performing their job. In our catalogue we have various options for you. From chairs that lack these elements to those equipped with fixed arm rests, ergo 1D, ergo 3D or ergo 4D.
  • Colour and materials : Of course, we do not overlook the aesthetic aspect of furniture. That's why we provide models with different designs, colors and materials. In this way, you will have no problem getting the chairs to blend seamlessly with the rest of the decor and give the environment visual harmony. After all, a caring environment is also synonymous with well-being and job satisfaction.


Why shop in Officinca?

Our shop online we provide excellent service so that your office furniture purchase is always a guarantee of success.

  • We have a wide range of products and not only that, but most can be customized to suit your tastes and requirements. We also aim to offer quality and have Spanish manufacturers.
  • We provide an excellent customer service. What. We're by your side every step of the way so you can get our advice.
  • Our website meets all the requirements and protocols to transactions are 100% secure and reliable.
  • We offer most competitive and affordable prices. What. Thanks to this, you can bet on the ergonomics and the
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