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There is no modern workspace without a good office chair. This seat is essential for employees to be able to carry out their office work in the company comfortably and efficiently. But not only that, as they are necessary to serve customers in the waiting room and set up collaborative spaces, among many other things. That's why it's so important to find the right piece of furniture for every need. Fortunately, at Officinca we have a great range of possibilities for you, do you dare to discover it?

Types of Office Chairs

We have all kinds of Office Chairs: Ergonomic Chairs, Desk Chairs, Office Chairs, Stools, Multipurpose Chairs, Executive Chairs, Gaming Chairs, Computer Chairs or Swivel Chairs. Always with Shipping Included, Permanent Discounts and Special Volume Conditions.

On this page you will find the Cheapest Office Chairs with the Best Quality and you will be able to customize them to your liking, with the specifications of your company or client. Variety of Materials, upholstered in Fabric, Semi-Leather or Natural Leather. Mesh or classic backrests.

We recommend that you look carefully at all the options with which you can customize your Chair, so that it adapts perfectly to its size, weight, style, the use you will give it and the image you want to give.

Whatever your office job, you spend most of your time sitting, subjecting your body to stresses that, if you don't have an Ergonomic Office Chair, could be detrimental to your health. To take care of your well-being and that of the people who work with you, it is essential that you choose office chairs that adapt to the dimensions and weight of each user.

When it comes to professional seating, at Officinca, we provide you with the following product categories.

  • Ergonomic chair: Designed to take care of posture and musculoskeletal health. In this way, maximum convenience and comfort is achieved in every use.
  • Executive chairs or office chairs: Specifically designed to preside over executive offices with the presence and packaging they need.
  • Executive chairs: These are high-end chairs that match the management models. Ideal for meeting rooms.
  • Operational office chairs: Also known as desk chairs or swivel chairs, they are indispensable for providing support to workers within an office.
  • Visitor chairs: They are located in waiting rooms, transit areas and collaborative spaces to provide comfort to users.
  • Multipurpose chairs: They stand out for their lightness, versatility and reduced price. They are the ones that are normally used in classrooms, as well as in other similar areas.
  • Stools: Seats intended for work where great freedom of movement is required, such as in laboratories or certain industries.
  • Contract chairs: They are common in commercial or business environments, bringing elegance and sophistication to the environment.
  • Benches: They are very useful in company waiting rooms and in environments that are characterized by a large influx of people. This is the case with hospitals, airports, and more.
  • Office sofas: Do you want to give a more elegant, cosy and warm touch to your business room or office? In that case, go for couches, as they are a great way to achieve that effect.


Types of ergonomics presented by an office chair.

There are two types of desk chairs when it comes to their adaptability. Passive Ergonomic Chairs, which are those designed to adapt to the physical needs of a very wide spectrum of users, both in terms of height and weight, and also to a wide variety of types of work, without the need to be modified.

The other type of Office Chairs is the one that offers Active Ergonomics.  The Active Ergonomic Chairs are equipped with devices that allow each user to make the necessary corrections to better adapt to their body, and hence more comfort.

Ergonomic work chairs allow for greater adjustments and adjustments. They have been designed with the main objective of providing greater comfort to employees, as well as stability.

Another reason to buy quality office chairs is to ensure that the body posture is correct, thus avoiding back pain and fatigue. Otherwise, employees could be detrimental to their work, even leading to stress or lack of concentration.

A correct investment in office chairs is essential for day-to-day use, but also to reduce bills and payments for office furniture. The greater the durability and quality, the fewer designs you will have to buy year after year. The savings in the long run are much greater.


Why buy from Officinca?

Purchasing your furniture and accessories at Officinca is a guarantee of success and safety.

  • We have an impressive range of products , and not only in terms of office seating for professional use. Quality and customization are two of our hallmarks.
  • We provide personalized attention. Our professionals are at your service to provide you with the advice you need.
  • We have the appropriate protocols in place to guarantee complete security and satisfaction in each of the transactions.
  • We provide reasonable and affordable prices. With us, you can buy the office chair of your choice without overspending.

 In you will find the Chair that best meets your expectations and needs. On the other hand, do not hesitate to write to us orcontact us to advise you on your purchase.


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