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In this section you can find everything about collective work surfaces such as the bench desk. This type of table is becoming increasingly popular in those spaces dedicated to independent professionals and entrepreneurs, such as coworking centers, as well as companies looking for a collaborative workplace. Due to their dimensions and features, these pieces of furniture allow users to share a common place and can collaborate, interact and share ideas with each other. From Officinca we invite you to explore our extensive catalog so that you can find just the product you need.

Types of coworking tables

One of the great advantages that these pieces of furniture provide is that several people can work together at the same time, instead of having individual desks and offices. This contributes to saving money and space, while generating a much more flexible and collaborative environment compared to traditional company offices.

What are the tables you can buy at Officinca? We invite you to explore the entire catalog we have in this section.


  • Double table: They have the optimal place to allow two people to carry out their tasks with total comfort and efficiency. Some of them have partition panels for greater privacy, as well as drawers or other elements that add very interesting features for the performance of all kinds of daily work tasks.



  • Multi-station table or multi-user table: These are work surfaces that have capacity for more than two individuals, generally have between 4 and 6 seats, but can be extended to the number of users that are necessary with the only limitation of physical space. Some are specifically designed for call centers with individual separations through side panels that add extra privacy, while others function as a coworking table, allowing for a much more collaborative and dynamic environment among users.


Having said all this, it is worth remembering that the furniture available in our catalog can be customized. In this way, aspects such as the size of the worktop, the finishes and accessories or even the number of seats can be configured to suit your specific requirements and demands.

Why buy from Officinca?


    • We provide you with a wide variety of items, from office chairs to cabinets and drawers. In addition, as you have already seen, many of them allow you to be customized.


    • We are committed to the quality of our products, most of which are made by Spanish manufacturers.


    • We provide unsurpassed customer support. We are with you in all phases of the purchase.


    • We have a secure and 100% reliable website so your data is safe with us.


  • Finally, it is necessary to highlight our incredible prices, which will allow you to buy a bench table or other type of furniture for much less than you imagine.


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