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Wide variety of Office Tables: Individuals with or without wing, Desks, Bench Tables for work teams or Coworking Offices, Board Tables and Multipurpose Tables for various uses. We offer Permanent Discounts and Special Volume Conditions on all Office Furniture.   Choose Office Tables In this catalog we present Office Tables for virtually any type of use or company that you can select and customize. During the process of personalizing your table our page will show the resulting price with and without VAT. When selecting your table, we recommend that you take into account the space you have to anticipate the one that your chair will need and allow you to be comfortable. The most recommended is that it is at least 60 cm. in the background to move your Office Chair. You should also think about the space you will need to access your chair and what your interlocutors will need in the event that your job involves receiving visitors. Another very important factor when selecting a table is the ergonomics and facilities it offers. Look carefully at what your workload is and what space you will need to do it comfortably, what is the depth and width of the table you need and if the high standard is going well, (APPROX 74 cm.). You may need your desk to have trays to drive the power and data cables. In the case of the tables together it is considered advisable that each user has at least 80 cm wide at their disposal. For example, if you need a meeting table for 10 people, it would be advisable for the table to be at least 2.40 meters long and at least 1 meter long. Wide. We are always at at your disposal to advise you with your office furniture and offer you the option that best suits your needs and the budget you want to invest. You can CONTACT US TO ADVISE you to ask us any questions..

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