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Benches for waiting rooms

A wide variety of waiting desks for offices, offices, banks, public offices, town halls and others.

We offer models with metal seats, wooden or plastic seats, upholstered or simple. Basic models with 1, 2, 3 and 4 seats. The variety of models and prices on this page will make it easy to find what you are looking for.

If what you're looking for is a cheap bench look at the ISO Smart bench, if you want a luxurious and very particular check the Wait bench, and if you need a very resistant bench for constant use and with little consideration look at the Brussels bench. These are not the only models, there are many more and always at a better price than our competitors.


One bench it is a functional, practical and efficient solution for people to sit and wait their turn. Therefore, they are a key element in waiting rooms, airports, railway stations, clinics, educational centres and shops, among others. Generally, it is a type of seat of smaller dimensions than a couch, so they're ideal for maximizing space in any workplace.

Types of waiting benches

In Officinca we have various models of benches for waiting room. We highlight the following:

  • Bench for waiting rooms of 1 seat: This is a seat designed for one person only. They are very useful in spaces where you want to provide an individual seat or set up the room with another type of office chairs.
  • 2-seat waiting bench: They have a structure for two seats although some are designed to be modular, meaning that several units can be joined together to create a longer bench.
  • Waiting bench with 3 or more seats: We also have options with 3, 4 or more seats. The waiting room benches these features are ideal for large spaces or crowded places.
  • Bench with table: It is the same as previous versions of 2 or more seats in which one is replaced by a dressing table.


Why shop in Officinca?

  • We stand out in the office furniture field for our a wide range of products. On our website, you will easily find the product you are looking for and customize it to your liking.
  • We always bet on the quality. What. Our products are designed to be functional and durable.
  • We put at your disposal all our knowledge and experience in the sector to provide personalised care and advice.
  • We have the security and data protection protocols to make the buying process 100% safe for you.
  • We stand out for our incredible prices. What. Take advantage now to buy one office bench for much less.
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