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Sofas are the star of any reception. In addition to being the ideal place for customers and others to expect to be served, they are very welcoming and elegant. As furniture specialists at Officinca, we have a vast array of options for you. WhatSofa of a square, two or three? We have them all and at an exceptional price!

Types of sofas

An office sofa should be comfortable and fit the decor of the space. To make things easier, we provide you with different designs, materials and features.

    • Sofa for one person: It holds only one person, so it is an item that can be placed in any corner. Pick one leather sofa to get a more stately look and complete the entrance of the office with a reception desk.
    • Sofa for two: It allows two people to sit comfortably on the same sofa without taking up too much space. It can also be combined with others seating furniture in a living room to create a cozy, functional environment.
    • Sofa 3 seats: Provides capacity for up to 3 people. Ideal for large, crowded receptions.


Why shop in Officinca?

Here are the reasons to count on Officinca:

    • Variety is the spice of life, that's why we make it available a catalogue with various options, which can be customized to your convenience.
    • Great quality at the best price. What. All our products meet high quality standards. We offer durable and durable furniture, made in Spain mostly with the best raw materials.
    • We comply with high security protocols to ensure that the purchase is completely secure for you and your data.
    • Let's drink to that excellent customer service, paying attention to all phases of the purchase. Count on our advice to get that square sofa what you need.
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