Cabinets and drawers

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The storage it's a key aspect of any workplace. So it's a good idea to have a a drawer for a desk it allows you to optimize the space. These pieces of furniture are used to store and organize documents, materials and items that need to be on hand in everyday life.

Types of drawers and files

In Officinca we have the following types of furniture related to the storage of documents and the file of an office.

  • The drawer: Essential for storing and arranging documents, office supplies and other personal items in a workspace. Some drawers have locks to keep stored items safe, while others have wheels to facilitate their movement.
  • Office archivists: They are elements designed to store and organize documents of a company or organization. Usually, these office filing cabinets consist of a series of horizontal drawers in which hanging folders or classifiers can be placed to keep documents orderly and accessible. They can be a good alternative or complementary office cabinets.

All these products are available in different finishes, colors and sizes so that each company can configure its workspace according to its taste and needs.


Why shop in Officinca?

  • We provide our customers with a personalised advice, so that the buying process is a success.
  • We bet on variety. What. We have a wide assortment of office furniture that can be customized according to your needs. In addition, we lend attention to quality.
  • Our furniture is mostly Spanish made and meets our standards of design, comfort, functionality and durability.
  • Our shop online is 100% sure thanks to our protocols and security systems designed to protect your data.
  • We handle the best prices on the market. So, you can acquire the table drawer or the archivist whatever you want without spending too much.
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